Ingenico Group’s Enhanced TETRA Semi-Integrated Payments Solution Helps Businesses Scale and Securely Go to Market with Ease

Ingenico Group is introducing its enhanced TETRA Semi-Integrated (TETRA SI) solution to put merchants in a position to scale and adapt to changing market needs driven by growing consumer buying power. Merchants of all sizes can now offer a payment experience that is easier to manage, allows for simplified certification and compliance and has improved security to keep customer card data protected.

“Customers’ expectations of merchants have never been higher. The buying power in the hands of consumers has driven a need for merchants to be flexible and agile enough to adapt to future payment offerings and innovate on the fly,” said Irfan Nasir, head of product and solutions for Ingenico Group North America. “Our enhanced TETRA Semi-Integrated solution helps ISVs and merchants create a payment experience that gives their customers the experience they want when completing a transaction.”

Flexibility, Simplicity, and Security

The integration offers independent software vendors (ISVs) and gateways valuable solutions to bring to their merchant customers. The value of Ingenico Group’s semi-integrated offering is in pairing the security, flexibility and simplicity of the semi-integrated approach with TETRA SI’sadditional benefits of a pre-certified EMV solution and ability to accommodate more robust, enterprise-level interfaces.

TETRA SI is well-suited to simplify complex workflows like Pay-at-the-Table service in restaurants, stadiums, and other venues. Getting transactions completed as quickly and securely as possible can be a challenge when POS devices connect with ECRs over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, particularly in environments requiring a high bandwidth. TETRA SI allows merchants to integrate their POS onceand know their solution is secure and won’t require re-certification for EMV, affording them more time, revenue, choices, and control.

“By leveraging the TETRA SI solution and integrating it with our SecureTablePay, we’re able to deliver an enterprise Pay-at-the-Table solution to restaurants of all shapes and sizes,” said Akash Sahai, President of SecureTablePay. “We have been working with Ingenico for almost 10 years to perfect the Pay-at-the-Table experience, which increases security as thepayment card never leaves the customer’s hands, while also increasing efficiency for serversallowing them to spend more time at the table. Ingenico’s semi-integrated architecture makes it easy for restaurants to deploy SecureTablePay, enabling them to quickly and effortlessly adopt EMV and provide their customers with the convenience and safety of paying at the table.”

The capabilities of the new TETRA Semi-Integrated solution include the following:

  • Improved control – More ease in managing complex workflows like Pay-at-the-Table when merchants decouple POS and payment
  • Increased security – Improved security by eliminating cardholder data from the POS.
  • Greater connectivity and flexibility
    • HTML5 business application capabilities – allowing merchants to offer new interactions or experiences with their customer on a payment device
    • Connection to the processor or gateway of the merchant’s choice for greater flexibility
      • Seamless integration with a Cross-platform software development kit (SDK) that supports Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, making it easy to integrate across multiple platforms
      • New, easy-to-use web-based interface (API) enabling browser-based applications to easily support payments
  • Simplified compliance
    • Simplified EMV support to reduce certification bottlenecks
    • Reduced PCI audit scope and a pre-certified, PCI-compliant solution that won’t require re-certification