Month: February 2018

For several years now, The Pay at the Table Restaurant Payment System has been the reigning champion in Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is looking to take hold of the U.S. market. The U.S. should really watch out for this powerful technology.

Restaurant Payment Security Technology Olympics

Welcome to the 2018 Restaurant Payment Security Technology Olympics. It will be a fierce competition between the best of the best, old and new, restaurant payment technologies. Most of the point allocation goes to security, but other factors such as speed, convenience, efficiency, and overall style will be taken into …

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Pay at the Table Restaurant Systems Q&A

What does it mean to pay at the table? Pay at the table means just that! After finishing their meal, the server brings the check and the portable payment terminal to the guests’ table. Gone are the days of servers jetting back and forth between guests and the house point …