Briad Selects Ingenico Group and SecureTablePay to Power Pay-at-the-Table Technology in Their Restaurants

Briad Restaurant Group, one of the fastest-growing hospitality companies in the U.S., announced it has selected Ingenico Group and SecureTablePay to exclusively power its Pay-at-the-Table restaurant solution. Ingenico Group’s payment technology, coupled with SecureTablePay, provides a Pay-at-the-Table solution that will empower Briad’s restaurants – including its Friday’s franchises and Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar, locations– to improve the dining experience for its customer base. The EMV-compliant solution increases table turns, eliminates the burden of costly chargebacks and speeds up payment operations for the benefit of both Briad and its customers.

The combined Pay-at-the-Table solution, which leverages SecureTablePay’s semi-integrated payment middleware with Ingenico Group’s iWL252 wireless smart terminal, enables Briad Group’s restaurants to improve efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience by eliminating the need for servers to take the payment cards from guests in order to process card payments. According to SecureTablePay, this helps increase table turns by 15 percent (9 minutes per table on average) and improve annual revenue. Additionally, because the solution leverages a semi- integrated architecture, Briad will enhance the security of their payment infrastructure and reduce the overall PCI scope of the solution – saving them time and resources.

“We wanted to implement EMV at our restaurants, but were waiting for the right Pay-at-the-Table solution. Once we piloted SecureTablePay at one of our Friday’s locations, we saw chargebacks drop immediately,” said Tom Cornell, Director of Information Systems for Briad. “Lowering our costs was good enough for us to decide to deploy the SecureTablePay and Ingenico Group solution; the positive feedback we got from customers was icing on the cake. Our servers like using it too, as it allows them to spend more time at their customers’ tables and less time going back and forth to their terminals.”

“Briad is a leader in the restaurant industry and they demonstrate that continually with their use of technology to improve the diner experience. Adoption of Pay-at-the-Table solutions are about to completely change how restaurants interact with their diners, driving additional value for their guests and improving their overall efficiency, and by adopting the technology now, Briad cements itself as a forward-thinking leader in the industry,” said Jennifer Miles, EVP of North America for Ingenico Group. “The consumer experience is becoming more about flexibility and freedom and that shift is going to require reliable, secure, connected solutions, like SecureTablePay, that enable guests to pay with their preferred method.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Briad. They are leaders in the restaurant industry with several exciting brands and have shown their leadership by being early adopters of Pay-at-the-Table technology before its widespread adoption in the U.S.,” said Akash Sahai, President of SecureTablePay. “We have worked with the team at Ingenico Group for many years and are excited to partner with them to take SecureTablePay to Briad’s different brands and many locations across the country.”

Briad installed its first Pay-at-the-Table solution from SecureTablePay and Ingenico in the fall of 2017 at its Friday’s location in Woodridge, New Jersey and is now also live at its two newly opened Zinburger restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. Briad will now be rolling out the solution in its other Friday’s and Zinburger locations across the U.S.