Guests and Servers enjoy a more efficient payment experience with SecureTablePay.

SecureTablePay delivers not just increased security but increased efficiency as well: the perfect combination. When you eliminate steps by completing the payment transaction directly at the table, you reduce time, cost and risk. And that means greater convenience for the customer and greater productivity for the server. It also allows guests at a restaurant to take charge of their card’s security and pay using their preferred electronic payment method, including EMV and mobile wallets right at the table.

SecureTablePay Efficient

SecureTablePay delivers increased security and efficiency. Complete the payment transaction at the table. Reduce time, cost and risk. Enjoy greater convenience for the customer and greater productivity for the server.

SecureTablePay is the best option for your restaurant.

Whether your restaurant is part of a major chain or an independent establishment, every successful restaurant strives to run it’s operations more efficiently. SecureTablePay eliminates the need for servers to scuttle back and forth between guest and hospitality stations. Guests will no longer have to impatiently wait for their checks and payments to be processed. They can pay at the table, there and then!

This is especially useful during rush hours. Why waste time on trips back to and from the house hospitality system and waiting while credit cards are running? SecureTablePay givers your servers the tools they need to process payments at the table and spend more time other guests. Your restaurant’s tables have a speedier turn around, and your servers will enjoy a significant increase in tip volume.

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