Ingenico and SecureTablePay Bring a Tablet-Based Pay-At-The-Table Experience to Restaurant Merchants

Ingenico Group, the trusted, strategic partner of choice for merchants and payment industry suppliers in the U.S. and worldwide, and SecureTablePay, the field-proven, universal pay-at-the-table application provider announce today that the Moby/M70 open Android tablet will be available in the U.S. market with the SecureTablePay solution.

The Moby/M70’s open Android Nougat OS allows ISVs and developers to get to market faster and distribute apps seamlessly through the Google Play Store and other available app stores. Moby/M70’s open platform, upgradeable OS and flexible design makes it an ideal choice for integration with SecureTablePay’s pay-at-the-table software.

SecureTablePay makes it possible for customers to pay their restaurant bill directly at the table via easy, efficient, secure, and EMV-compliant transactions while enhancing the customer experience by giving servers more time to spend with customers. This solution allows the server to perform all functions of completing the payment transaction directly at the table – including pulling up the check, accepting and authorizing payment, and closing the table with full reconciliation to the point-of-sale (POS). As customers’ credit and debit cards never leave their possession, SecureTablePay also improves security and fraud protection. Together, these capabilities achieve an optimal balance between higher efficiency and enhanced security.

“With its developer-friendly SDKs, the Moby/M70 simplifies hardware and make it easy to integrate custom tablet apps,” said Jennifer Miles, President at Ingenico Group North America. “Because of its robust and proven functionality and sleek, user-friendly graphics SecureTablePay is the ideal app for restaurants to use with the Moby/M70 to provide a secure and convenient pay-at-the-table experience for today’s restauranteurs.”

The Moby/M70 tablet POS provides enterprise-class features, including Corning Gorilla Glass with a capacitive touchscreen, a long battery life (4,160 mAh), and seamless high-volume payment acceptance capabilities. The open Android platform allows merchants to extend the Moby/M70’s capabilities by running additional business apps for inventory management, loyalty programs and more.

“Our long partnership with Ingenico allows us to continue to focus on innovation in the hospitality industry, and we’re excited about the Moby/M70’s hardware capabilities and gateway integration,” said Akash Sahai, President of SecureTablePay. “The Moby/M70 moves payment technology away from the traditional thicker terminals of the last decade toward thinner, smarter devices that allow for increased functionality and that will be used more intuitively by the American customer, as it looks and functions like the smartphones and tablets to which they are accustomed.”

Ingenico and SecureTablePay’s partnership brings to the merchant a wide range of advanced connectivity options, including WIFI, Bluetooth, and inbuilt NFC contactless – ensuring the ideal pay-at-the-table experience for restaurants when it comes to security, efficiency, customer convenience, and resulting profitability.