SecureTablePay allows you the freedom to choose your credit card processor and Point of Sale. Our product is already approved and integrated with the biggest names in the industry.


SecureTablePay easily integrates with most hospitality Point of Sale systems systems; most likely, with your existing one. Click our Partner List to find out the hospitality Point of Sale systems that are currently integrated with SecureTablePay and working in the field:


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SecureTablePay is the best option for your restaurant.

Established yet dynamic, SecureTablePay is on the cutting edge of efficiency, security, and convenience in payment technology. SecureTablePay’s excellence derives from former and existing achievements, but most of all, our commitment to always look forward. We are always on the forefront of payment technology innovation.

With multiple locations across three countries, SecureTablePay is used globally, while also performing exceptionally here in the U.S.

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