SecureTablePay has been installed in over 2 thousand locations in Canada over the last 5 years. EMV and pay at the table is becoming a must have in the USA, know that SecureTablePay has been tried and proven.



People, cards, identities, data: all are more secure with SecureTablePay. Your customers’ privacy is protected: their cards never leave their hands so there’s no chance of identity theft. Bringing EMV to the table protects the restaurant, reducing chargebacks and potential fraud. It’s also safer for you. Since the transaction is processed between the SecureTablePay pinpad and the host processor, the sensitive and at-risk data that demands rigorous levels of PCI compliance never touches your POS.


SecureTablePay delivers not just increased security but increased efficiency as well: the perfect combination. When you eliminate steps by completing the payment transaction directly at the table, you reduce time, cost and risk. And that means greater convenience for the customer and greater productivity for the server.



SecureTablePay works with more than 20 restaurant management systems. (If you use a system that hasn’t been integrated yet, we’ll work with you to integrate it quickly and with minimal effort.) And it works with most leading payment processors, ensuring secure and accurate transaction processing.

SecureTablePay is the best option for your restaurant.

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