SecureTablePay is a win-win-win for everyone, delivering benefits at every point along the value chain.

Restaurants Win

Eliminate steps for you, your servers, and your customers, and you increase efficiency and eliminate a lot of opportunities for error. Servers can pay more attention to customers since they are almost always on the floor. When guests can pay at the table you are able to turn more tables. That kicks customer satisfaction into high gear and increases customers’ likelihood to return. And because SecureTablePay is EMV compliant, you eliminate costs from chargebacks and other security-related penalties.

Servers Win

Handling more tables per shift is a bonus to servers too. Serving customers more quickly and conveniently increases customer satisfaction, which in turn increases the tips customers leave. And full closing from the pinpad, means no end of shift receipt reconciliation.

Customers Win the Most

Which brings us to the real recipient of the benefits of SecureTablePay: your customers. Now they have the convenience of paying at the table, get all of the fraud protection of EMV, and the extra assurance of protection that comes when their card never leaves their hands. Add to that all the other features—from using multiple languages to calculating suggested tip amounts to smartphone pay compatibility—and you create the ideal mix of security and convenience for your guests.


Winning features